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Modern messaging applications first started to appear in 2005 in the form of apps like Facebook Messenger, Whats App and similar services.

Messaging is immensely popular, with the combined user base of the top four messaging apps (Whats App, Messenger, We Chat, Line) being larger than the combined user base of the top four social networks (Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, Linkedin).

SMS sends messaging over the wireless network's control channel, which is a separate data-only channel used to control the "bearer" channels that carry voice conversations or cellular data.

This means you need to have wireless network coverage for SMS to work.

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It is what makes messaging the most comfortable communication medium ever invented….

And as such, needs to be understood by the enterprise when determining how they will communicate and have a conversation with the digital consumer.

“Asynchronous messages, conversations, and the conversation list form the basis of mobile messaging.

The table below provides additional comparison of the three communication options.

Messaging is a very compelling option that needs to be considered for all engagement strategies, including those where you would typically deploy online chat.

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There are two important categories of Messaging apps: consumer personal use and enterprise use.

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