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The second endpoint for handling all the Facebook bot messages will go to controllers/message Well, our local Express server url is not available for everyone on the Internet and also, it doesn’t support HTTPS protocol, which is necessary for Facebook Messenger bots. Ngrok is a multiplatform tunnelling, reverse proxy software that establishes secure tunnels from a public endpoint such as the Internet to a locally running network service while capturing all traffic for detailed inspection and replay.But if this is not clear, you can read more about it here.For each separate endpoint we’ll create a function in a separate file in the controllers folder. You can change it and choose any word or text string that you prefer.Make sure to make a note of it as you will need it later when setting up your Facebook app.Once it responded, the response event was triggered, and the result was sent back to Facebook Messenger.

Turns out that a whopping use online messaging, voice or video chat services. It’s thought that by 2020, we’ll have more conversations with bots than with our actual spouses.After this point, you can start prepping your virtual AI assistant.An agent is an assistant that you create and teach specific skills to.Once you finish reading and installing ngrok, open another terminal window and position it in the directory of your project (meanwhile your local server is running) and type the following command: It’ll show you a new screen with a couple of URLs, the URL that you’ll need is the last one that starts with https://cf86…Before continuing to send requests to Facebook, let’s create our Facebook app.To create a Facebook bot, we need to two things: Until this moment our Facebook Application is well connected and working correctly, but we aren’t quite finished yet.

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