Avg updating every day

The answer is that the software will send the user a message stating that it needs updating.

The Antivirus software from Microsoft is called AVG - or Advanced Virus Guard.

For example, Avast Free Antivirus checks for an update every time the computer boots and at a set time interval while the computer is running…

If you are using the micro antivirus software, you may be curious about whether or not it provides real-time updates.

I normally am on the web 2-3 hrs a day and visit the same websites on a daily basis and have my antivirus software set to automatically scan once a week.

The update contains the signatures for recent viruses that have been analyzed by the antivirus firm.

Bob OS: Vista Version: AVG Anti-Virus paid AVG Version: 10.0.1388Mine is a paid version and I am having the same problems.

antivirus, antispyware and linkscanner not updating. avg says to uninstall and reinstall, did that no luck, but they said they can buddy browse my system and find the reason why but charge is 129.99 for that service...funny paid money to protect four machines but have to pay to have them fix their f-up.

Technology is always changing, and if the antivirus requires an update, Norton will make an update for the issue and release it to their customers when it is available.

If it is installed on your computer you will likely update at… If you already have antivirus software on your system, it should have detected and at least quarantined the virus. When you download software, you put it on your computer/device for the first time.

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Antivirus software is commonly updated via webupdates, which can be tens of megabytes.

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