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You don’t want to be disappointed when he or she doesn’t live up to what you were thinking.

It can be easier for people to be themselves when they’re online because they’re face to face with a computer screen — not someone who’s looking them in the eyes and expecting them to say something funny or charming.

She was a little worried the date was going to be awful because they’d had such good chemistry while they were messaging and texting, but it all worked out.

My friend isn’t the only one who’s had this concern.

You never know when something could go wrong — they could drink too much and not be able to drive, you could get into a fight and want to leave, or an emergency could come up.Of course, you could also get an Uber or Lyft, but you’ll probably feel a lot better knowing you have access to your own car.You both probably have expectations of what the other person is going to be like in real life and how the date is going to go, but try to push those out of your mind if you can and just be there in the moment.One of my closest friends, someone I’ve known since I was 2, recently had a first date with a guy on Tinder that lasted almost seven hours.From going for drinks to having dinner to playing old-school arcade games to walking around downtown and going for one more drink, there wasn’t much they didn’t do.

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This accomplishes two things: 1) If you’re not having a good time, you have a reason to leave.

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