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One of the main goals of the movement is to rehabilitate alcoholics and drug addicts.

Each year, more than 20,000 people visit Menzil and volunteer in the community, performing duties such as carrying bricks or helping in the kitchen.

They became easier to confuse with the work of the religious communities.

Based at the Ismail Aga Mosque in Istanbul, this movement is affiliated with the Naksibendi cult and is led by Mahmut Ustaosmanoglu.

Yanardag was planning to attend a conference criticizing the Gulen movement.

When Ilhan Cihaner, the chief public prosecutor of Erzincan, looked into the activities of religious movements in the city who are close to the AKP, including the Ismail Aga community, the Suleymancilar community, and the powerful FGH, he began to collect evidence of alleged criminal activities, including the fixing of state contracts and the obstruction of justice by members of those communities.

According to Stratfor’s global intelligence report, the Gulen Movement (FGH) wields considerable financial power including over the Turkish media.

According to Jane’s Defence Weekly report, the FGH alone controls more than billion in various companies and assets around the world and a recent report prepared for the US Congress on Turkey: Politics of Identity and Power stated, “controls a network of schools around the world, including some in the United States; universities; banks with more than billion in assets; non-governmental organizations; and newspapers, magazines, and television networks in Turkey and other countries.” There is a growing body of opinion, not only in Turkey but amongst foreign observers including Gareth H.

Once the Justice and Development Party (AKP) came to power, they became stronger than most comparable organisations in Turkey, a development noticed by foreign intelligence companies.The Menzil movement is one of very few apolitical religious movements in Turkey.But even the few movements of this type who stay out of politics use relations with various political figures to promote their activities.In the past, cults excluded themselves from society.The intent of the cult members was to discipline themselves inside under this prohibition and began to interact with the public.

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