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Unfortunately, he was but a stepping stone to the players on those teams.Floyd averaged 11.3 points and 5.2 assists per game in his five-plus seasons with the team, but his biggest accomplishment might be the fact that he played in all 82 games in five of those seasons.He's not a Hall of Famer, but Reid had a very respectable NBA career.Sleepy Floyd was the Rockets point guard from midway through the 1987 season to 1993 and put up strong numbers on a team just a few seasons away from winning consecutive titles.He missed 30 games in his final season with the team, though he was no longer the same player he was in his earlier days at that point in his career.The Golden State Warriors dealt him to the Rockets in a package deal that netted Golden State Hall of Famer Ralph Sampson, and that is, perhaps, what makes Floyd famous in Houston.

Mutombo had a long NBA career, but his days in Houston were a far cry from his early years with the Denver Nuggets and Atlanta Hawks.

Shooting guard Mike Newlin played eight of his 11 NBA seasons with the Rockets, and his long hair ranks amongst some of the best styles in team history.

That's obviously not enough to put him on the list (though it would if this were a hairstyle ranking).

Key players who played on the championship teams in 19 were immediately considered, as were those players who are lucky enough to be in the Hall of Fame.

Players who also posted strong statistical lines in their careers with the Rockets were also considered.

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