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On hollowbodies, the label is usually visible through the f-hole. Model ________ Serial No.__________ Musical Instrument Makers Since 1883The serial number will probably be printed in red, and the model number written in blue or black.On other models such as solidbodies, it should be inside a control cavity. The label has a fairly ornate border around it, but the "Gretsch" is usually printed in a plain font.

Technically, they are new, since they`ve never been sold, but the build date could predate the sales date by a substantial amount.Serial number JT03074463, for example, breaks down as: Specific models are no longer designated within the serial number.(Thanks to Mike Lewis of Fender for detailing the current numbering system.)Beginning in the late 1940`s, Gretsches have labels with a printed serial number and a handwritten model number.They started, sensibly enough, at 001, just writing the number inside the back.After the war that method continued, but some guitars had the serial number embossed on the headstock.

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