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The “paid-for by sender” postal system was developed by Rowland Hill.

A standardised postage was paid for by the sender, who purchased a stamp to attach to the letter, rather than the receiver. The stamp showed a side portrait of Queen Victoria at age 15.

(The first French postage stamp was issued on 1 January 1849.) This section is a train-spotter’s delight of lists of dates and accompanying postage rates.

It is best used as a reference section, rather than reading from beginning to end (unless, of course, you are a train-spotter type! Great Britain 1870 - 1918: ½d (one half-penny/one half-pence, hap’ny) apparently, postcard postage for overseas was 1d (one penny) 1918, 3 June: 1d 1921, 13 January: 1½d 1922, 24 May: 1d 1940, 1 May: 2d (letter 2½d) 1957, 1 October: 2½d (letter 3d) 1965, 17 May: 3d (letter 4d) 1968, 16 September: postage tariffs changed to first and second class.

The card had the address on one side and a message on the other, but no picture.

Before this, there were advertising cards that were often hand-delivered.

m & french pop/rock Le Tour de France: cycling tactics introduction a general history of postcards other means of dating postcards postcards in the united kingdom postcards in the united states of america postcards in france postage stamp values to aid dating postcards glossary of words and terms end notes You find a pretty and interesting postcard in a secondhand bookshop, maybe in France, or on e-bay.

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First-class post should arrive the next day, second-class post taking longer. A postcard, at a weight of 3 grams, is well within the lowest postal rate, be it a half or a full ounce.

First: 5d; second: 4d After the conversion to decimal currency (100 p = £1, instead of 240 d = £1): 1971, 15 February - first: 3p, second: 2½p (6d) 1973, 10 September - first: 3½p, second: 3p 1974 24 June - first: 4½p, second: 3½p 1975, 17 March - first: 7p, second: 5½p 1975, 29 September - first: 8½p, second: 6½p 1977, 13 June - first: 9p, second: 7p 1979, 20 August - first: 10p, second: 8p 1980, 24 February - first: 12p, second: 10p 1981, 26 January - first: 14p, second: 11½p 1982, 1 February - first: 15½p, second: 12½p 1983, 5 April - first: 16p, second: 12½p 1984, 3 September - first: 17p, second: 13p 1985, 4 November - first: 17p, second: 12p 1986, 20 October - first: 19p, second: 14p 1989, 2 October - first: 20p, second: 15p 1990, 17 November- first: 22p, second: 17p 1991, 16 September- first: 24p, second: 18p 1993, 11 November- first: 25p, second: 19p 1996, 8 July - first: 26p, second: 20p 1999, 27 April - first: 26p, second: 19p 2000, 27 April - first: 27p, second: 19p 2003, 8 May - first: 28p, second: 20p 2004, 1 April- first: 28p, second: 21p 2005, 17 April- first: 30p, second: 21p Note: since 28 August 1989, when non-specific price-point stamps were first issued, senders more and more frequently use stamps denoted with 1 U. Thus, the postcard is given its own lower postal rate.

As people caught on to the usefulness of this cheap and fast method of sending messages, the poor man’s telegram - remember the telephone did not yet exist - national postal services authorised the sending of postcards through their postal systems.

It must be remembered that many years, even decades may pass between the taking of a photograph, when it was published on a postcard, and when the postcard was posted.

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