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If you are fit and healthy, you could crawl underneath and unscrew the pedal unit, but the number may be visible without doing that.

for British pianos of the 1900s are listed in date order near the bottom of this page, and by working backwards from a rough date, these may give you a clue to the maker of a piano which has no name.

Sometimes, they are harder to see, and may be underneath a grand, so be aware of the dangers of crawling under there, and check that there is absolutely no movement in the leg joints before you do.

If you slide out the music desk, you may find a number imprinted in it, or in the woodwork inside the top of the piano.

There is a widespread belief that numbers are the be-all-and-end-all for dating pianos, but the length of this page should indicate to you that it is not that simple, and I do not intend to perpetuate the myth by blindly repeating other people’s lists, although I have included some confirmed dates in the second section, .Numbers cast into the iron frame are not specific to the individual piano, the frames are ordered in bulk, but a number painted on the frame may be the one.Most of the removable parts (such as the music desk) may be imprinted with the last 3 digits of the serial number, and this helps you to recognise the real number when you find it.If you are lucky, you may just open the top of the piano, and immediately see a number, but sometimes, the number is so well hidden that you may not find it.(If you do find just one, don't assume that it is necessarily the right one.) Patent numbers and registered design numbers can be researched through official channels, but are often a lot of trouble and expense for very little result.

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