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Traffic Swarm is a little like a free Ad Words program.

You set up a campaign, write a short description of your link, and decide how many credits per day to devote to a particular campaign. Every time your link is displayed it costs you one credit.

Unlike Traffic Swarm, there’s no timer that requires you to stay on the sites you link to for a specific length of time; you can open your click into a new tab or window if you like.

If all that sounds like too much work you can buy yourself a spot amongst the top 10 listings for /month.

Go to sign up and create account with social media or by the input, you can exchange traffic and you can buy premium, website slots, website points, sessions and premium seo for your website.

just go to the page create account In the right of the page you can see "Traffic Exchange" and after you go there you will see download software, you have to download it and you have to "Add new session" you will get your uniqe code and that code you will have to add into the software exchanger.

On Link Referral your website is listed in a particular subject category and subcategory (eg. Your activity on the Link Referal website will earn you a higher listing on the category and subcategory pages.The methods below can give you some insight into how others might be trying to estimate your traffic data.Traffic Swarm and Link Referral are two of the best amongst the dozens of traffic exchanges websites. The randomness of it gives Traffic Swarm a bit of a casino feel.Clicks to Traffic Swarm members are made within a frame in a separate window (the “Start Page”) where there’s a 20 second timer.You have you remain on the member site you visit for the full 20 seconds, and then click “next” to get your credits.

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