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took on some of your most pressing dating questions to help you decode some behaviour that's on the questionable side.Let's see if these dating scenarios have red flag written all over them. "I'm dating someone new and I'm getting frustrated.Before your first date you may stress and think “What should I wear? There is no need to impress your date with your appearance.You can simply focus on whether or not you guys hit it off.

If the phone conversation blows and goes nowhere at least you failed early, as opposed to spending money and time on someone you’re just not in-sync with. The best time for your dating phone call is at night, if your schedule allows for it.

It's all left to me and my wish is his command. " We say: YES, and the the red flag is because he's being a 'passive partner'.

It can get annoying when your partner doesn't put in any effort!

Washington, DC - When it comes to getting a date, there’s any number of ways people can present themselves and their interests.

One of the newer phenomena is a “foodie call” where a person sets up a date with someone they are not romantically interested in, for the purpose of getting a free meal.

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