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FELL PREY TO= if you fall prey to something you feel really attracted to it (almost like hypnotized).

THE SIREN SONG OF…= The charm of…, the attraction of…Sirens were strange beings from Greek mythology, half women half birds (or half women half fish, in medieval times) who lived on a little island and sang beautiful songs that hypnotized sailors, so they couldn't help but coming to them and becoming their menu.

NO KIDS, NOT RELIGIOUS= We use NO and NOT in a different way.

NO is a negative article (= not any, the opposite of SOME), and NOT is a negative particle used to make a verb negative, so NO is used with nouns and NOT is used with verbs.

That lecture was the nearest to a mature and open discussion about sex and intimacy.

It was a lecture where they taught how to put on a condom to a mixed lecture hall with both girls and guys.

But yet "kids" is a noun and "religious" is an adjective, so?

Well, we have to look at the real complete sentences to see it:- (opposite: I am religious)NO goes before the noun, NOT goes after the verb, so if you see NOT before a word, the verb must go before it or it is missing (understood):- She's coming tomorrow.- No, not tomorrow, next weekend = No, she's not coming tomorrow, she's coming next weekend. PARTNER= If you are a partner in a company, you own part of the company and you also get part of the benefits.

NET-WORTH= In , net worth is used to refer to an individual's net financial position (as opposed to brute position); similarly, it uses the value of all assets minus the value of all liabilities (debt). When you are older and retire (stop working forever), you can get the money from your pension plan and live the rest of your live on it.

If the government grants you a retirement pay, your pension plan can help you live better.

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