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This, in turn, makes life difficult for the friends and family members of the patient.They have to constantly be fearful of mood changes, emotional overreactions, hurtful statements, and antisocial behavior because their loved one never learned the tools and skills that a course of therapy would include.Even people who are trying to help and support the patient can be on the receiving end of verbal abuse.If this is left unresolved, even as the patient successfully weathers the withdrawal storm, he or she is greatly at in danger of developing dry drunk syndrome.Part of the reason for this is because detoxification is a very difficult, and potentially dangerous process.The Fix explains that as the patient goes through the various withdrawal symptoms of physically disengaging from their drug of choice, their moods, thoughts, and behaviors are scrambled by numerous body and brain systems painfully repairing themselves.Gradually, 12-Step meetings are missed, the bad days at work become more frequent and pronounced, and the relationship with the spouse seems to have taken a downward turn.Belief in the power of sobriety and abstinence is questioned.

Imagine a patient who has done all the right things with his recovery: he has completed his psychotherapy treatment, he is part of 12-Step programs and other aftercare support groups, he has made a number of positive and healthy changes to his life, and it seems like the dark days of his substance abuse problem are really behind them. There are always bills to pay, there are still bad days at work, and there’s still the occasional fight with the spouse.To alleviate the irritability and frustration of dry drunk syndrome, some patients may embark on risky, compulsive behavior.They may do this out of boredom, because life doesn’t have the same color to it since they stopped drinking (and without therapy, they don’t know how to find new activities and hobbies).But the truth is that psychology is a fundamental component of treating an alcohol or a drug problem, and it can make the difference between a successful recovery and one where the patient is stuck in the purgatory of dry drunk syndrome.Seeing a rehabilitation program through to the very end will be instrumental in teaching a patient how she can regulate her emotions, control her behavior, and deal with the problems that arise when newly in sobriety.

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