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While The Daily Scam has reported on sextortion targeting Facebook users, and other dating scams many times, we believe this experience described below represents a unique method of extortion from a much more sophisticated source.In early December, 2017 we were contacted by Luke, a very savvy Internet user in his late 20’s who shared this story with us.As you’ll read in our analysis that follows, we believe this scam was perpetrated by sophisticated Internet criminals. Luke writes “I had a girl on POF reach out to me saying that she wanted to meet me.As soon as I replied to the message she sent me, she immediately sent a phone number in a message mentioning that she did not like or could not figure out how to use the site.

I texted her number from the same number I had used previously, just in case it was the same Jess, trying to pull something. ** Me: Your pictures are different this time, Jess. How many times have you tried making a POF profile? Well hmm I would like to think of myself as a female…Jess: goin through a rly bad breakup backhome so that why im out here, so i can give my ex time to move out ** She had given a similar story before about going through a bad breakup, but the first time it was in a message responding to me about something rather than being one just out of the blue.I decided I would check and see whether she had any memory of it. Jess: anyways, u dont have a girlfriend or anything like that right?This number is from one county over from the one I had been stationed in years ago with the Army, and I still had my phone number from that area, despite now living in Georgia.She said her name was Jess, and that she was visiting her sister in Santa Cruz before returning home to Hesperia.

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