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The site offers maps that can be edited, customized and loaded on to devices for free.Want to go whitewater rafting but need to know where the rapids are? Or to know all the interesting points along the river Nile? And it's all based on the Open Street Map data."The value is that it is richer map with more up-to-date information because anyone can fix things," says Steve Coast, founder of Open Street Map.Plug the Becker GPS into your computer using the USB connector cable that shipped with the GPS unit.The Becker Content Manager software should automatically install to the computer from the device.That means a tricky process of converting Open Street Map into a Tom Tom-compatible format.Open Street Map has also been used to create i Phone apps such as Motion X, which is targeted at hikers, skiers and bikers; B.i Cycle, a cyclometer that shows burned calories, trip distance and trails; and [email protected], which shows all ATM locations in Great Britain.Double-click on the icon after it's downloaded, then "Run." Follow the on-screen prompts to fully install the Content Manager.This facilitates the software upgrade and informs you of any future upgrades.

"And if you have questions you can always ask the community to help you out." Owings says he loaded maps of Ecuador on his Garmin unit in about 30 minutes.

Last month, when Zack Ajmal was planning a vacation to Italy, he set out to find the first thing that a traveler would need in a foreign land: a map.

But digital maps of Rome and Venice for his Garmin GPS device cost almost 0.

The Open Street Map project is a cartographer's dream come true, says Randal Hale, who has a GIS consulting business.

Hale has created custom maps for a few clients using Open Street Map and has put OSM-generated maps on his Garmin unit."With the professional mapping software, I have to purchase a license to use their version, which is expensive and I can't use the data for analysis," says Hale.

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So instead, Ajmal turned to Open Street Map, a community-driven maps database."It worked out pretty well," the Atlanta-based engineer says.

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