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Messages in Mac OS X has two methods of time-stamping messages; an automatically applied timestamp when a new conversation starts or message is received, and a lesser known ability to view the timestamp of any i Message or text message sent with the Mac Messages app.We’re going to focus on the latter approach since it will allow a Mac user to reveal the exact date and time that any message was sent or received within the Messages app of Mac OS X."It was truly amazing how simple and easy Apple made this technology.Essentially, it's click and talk."Brad Micallef of i Register (now merged with Seeser) said, "I've met people who would normally be totally inaccessible to me because of distance or dissimilar interests and careers.But when his Ti Vo is plugged into the camera, Zeedar can broadcast pay-per-view soccer games to others.Zeedar has used i Chat AV for other things, too, like remotely trouble-shooting a friend's Mac (his friend copied error messages into the software's text window) and making free international phone calls with the audio chat component.)Watch an i Chat video conference) with Apple product managers.The one thing Zeedar hasn't used i Chat AV for is two-way video conferencing.

She said a colleague complains he can't stop fiddling with his hair."I use it to video conference with colleagues in Europe and Japan, but also on the Apple campus when I'm too lazy to get up from my desk."Cleary said teachers are planning to use the system to set up video pen pals when school returns in the fall.She knows of a graduate student who will use it to keep in touch with a professor who's off to Africa on sabbatical.However, the number of registered users is still fairly low and there isn't much action yet on these services.The i Sighting site also plans a video dating service, and is pre-registering users prior to launch.

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Apple has developed one of the best video-conferencing systems to date. But finding other people with the necessary equipment can be difficult.

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