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They wanted her to end up with someone who was Indian — Punjabi, to be exact.

He also needed to speak the native language and, of course, be an all-around good guy with a steady job.

Tours are available of the Jason Russell House in Arlington, Massachusetts on Sunday and Monday The most significant celebration of Patriots' Day is the Boston Marathon, which has been run every Patriots' Day since April 19, 1897 to mark the then-recently established holiday, with the race linking the Athenian and American struggles for liberty.

The Boston Red Sox have been scheduled to play at home in Fenway Park on Patriots' Day every year since 1959.

It is likely that the battles that took place in Menotomy are not as well known as the smaller battles in Lexington and Concord because the town has had several names since that day in 1775.

On one website, in Hindi means “wedding”), a large number of users are parents who create profiles for their kids and pick and choose people for them.

For the 2016 motion picture about the Boston Marathon bombing, see Patriots Day (film). They placed themselves in and around houses, stone walls, fields and barns.

In 1894 the Lexington Historical Society petitioned the Massachusetts State Legislature to proclaim April 19 as "Lexington Day". The bloodiest fighting of the first day of the American Revolution took place inside a single house, the Jason Russell House, in Menotomy The idea was introduced to the Governor by the statesman from Lowell, Isaac Henry Paige.

For the Quebec holiday, see National Patriots' Day.

For the anniversary of September 11, 2001, see Patriot Day. However the biggest battle fought on this day was in the town of Menotomy, now Arlington, Massachusetts..

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