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According to the study, the last 30 years has seen “growing numbers of single adults in the population,” owing to the fact that “the centrality of marriage has declined in general in North American society.” The incidence of singlehood among the adult population is not a uniquely Jewish phenomenon.But the study found that Jewish young adults aged 18 to 26 had a much lower likelihood of being in a steady relationship, compared to their non-Jewish counterparts.In his opinion, some reasons for staying single are legitimate, but others – such as not having seen a model of a healthy marriage as children or the instant gratification of hookup culture – can be worked through.For that reason he believes it’s important to educate young Jews about the value of marriage. I don’t know if it’s a question that you can answer on a more global level.“That doesn’t necessarily happen for all of us and the choices that I’m making are about whether or not I’m OK with that, right?It’s not necessarily that I’m choosing to just remain single the rest of my life, but I’m choosing to be OK with the fact that my life didn’t pan out in the quote-unquote ‘typical way,’ ” she said.

“Eventually, the swiping pattern became a cure for boredom,” he said. The last comprehensive study of Canadian Jewish demographics, the National Household Survey (2011) Study: The Jewish Population of Canada, was written by Charles Shahar and Randal Schnoor for Jewish Federations of Canada – UIA in 2014, using data from the 2011 census.

“I don’t think I have the time to be able to balance them both,” she said.

READ: EXTENDING A HAND TO INTERMARRIED COUPLES Tina was actually in a long-distance relationship that ended in February.

Schwartz, 41, officially renounced the world of dating in July, although his last serious relationship ended in December. I’m far less stressed, I have a greater feeling of self-worth, and all because I said, ‘You know what? Schwartz was an early adopter of online dating, having first used it around 15 years ago. They got married when he was 30 and divorced when he was 35.

Since then, he has been in two relationships that lasted six months and some other, shorter ones.

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