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Although Prinny showed proper concern at first, his hopes to become Prince Regent and bring the Whigs to power soon overrode his other feelings, and he eagerly allowed himself to be drawn into the plotting for a Regency government.

He and his friend Fox were, however, out-foxed by William Pitt the Younger and the Tories, who introduced a Regency Bill that sharply limited Prinny’s prerogatives.

As a boy, George III was shy, serious, and inflexible. (Covering his minor affairs would be impossible here; even a book titled The Mistresses of King George IV [Levy] discusses only the five principal women.) Prinny wrote Mrs.

Moreover, his own father—George II’s despised oldest son, Frederick, who died when young George was only twelve—urged him in a testamentary letter to “regard family, dynastic, and national interests as inextricably bound together” (Tillyard 19). Robinson compromising letters, and the eventual price for their return was £5,000 plus an annuity of £500. Robinson later became a woman of letters of a more respectable sort; her portrait hangs today in Chawton House Library.) When Prinny came of age in 1783, George III granted him Carlton House in London as an independent residence.

Poor Woman, I shall support her as long as I can, because she is a Woman, & because I hate her Husband—but I can hardly forgive her for calling herself “attached & affectionate” to a Man whom she must detest. He brazenly personified the three themes of JASNA’s 2012 AGM—sex, money, and power.

I have three goals here: to summarize enough of Prinny’s iniquities to justify Austen’s dim view of him; to present some possible reasons—linked to her early life in Steventon, Hampshire, and to two of her beloved brothers—why Austen might have disdained Prinny even more strongly than the average literate Briton did; and to make some broad suggestions about how Austen’s view of Prinny might have influenced both her Juvenilia and her mature work. The sentiment on the reverse, “Patriae Ovanti/Coronat. Sept/MDCCLXI” (For His Rejoicing Country/Crowned 22 September 1761), was not, as far as I know, repeated on any commemorative medals for Prinny’s coronation. In the next twenty-one years, he was joined by fourteen brothers and sisters. was prone to go up and check on his sleeping children at six in the morning. (Fraser, Princesses 14) George III’s grasp of Prinny’s personality was especially poor, as it was the polar opposite of his own: unrestrained, self-indulgent, and emotional to the point of hysteria.

To understand Prinny, we need to understand a few things about his father, King George III. The royal children were brought up in the same plain, sober, strict manner as the King and Queen adopted for themselves, and the King, though a concerned parent, proved no more perceptive than Sir Thomas Bertram in Mansfield Park is about his children: [T]he King . Prinny showed an early talent for abusing his power as heir to the throne by instigating a “nursery revolution” at age thirteen (Hibbert 25) against the Princes’ strict tutors and governors: the boys started treating them so contemptuously that the whole team had to be changed. [that] became public knowledge through the newspapers” (Smith 11).

Although monarchs and heirs in the House of Hanover all got along badly, this particular relationship was uniquely stressful. Unfortunately, the new ones proved no more effective than the old, and by his mid-teens Prinny was “launching into a world of dissipation . In 1779, Prinny got into his first major romantic entanglement, with actress Mary Robinson.

Although Caroline was a daughter of George III’s older sister, she and Prinny had never met. By the wedding on 8 April, Prinny was so intoxicated he had to be supported upright. Their estrangement soon became so obvious, however, that Caroline was permitted to set up a separate residence near Greenwich in 1797. [S]he flirted outrageously, and was reputed to have a habit of leaving a dinner party with one of the male guests, taking him off to a private room, and not reappearing for several hours” (Robins 25).

Her biographer Jane Robins summarizes what the career diplomat the Earl of Malmesbury found when he arrived in Brunswick to collect Caroline in late 1794: The German Princess was a vivacious young woman of 26, as plump and gossipy as a kitchen maid, and almost as poorly educated. As Caroline later claimed, he was so much drunker by bedtime that he collapsed on the hearth and she left him there. [A]ccording to Caroline’s later account, the men spent the time drinking, gambling, and carousing, . She was allowed part-time access to Charlotte, despite Prinny’s wishes. Back at Carlton House, Prinny grew tired of Lady Jersey by 1798 and soon resumed bombarding Mrs. By 1800, having been reassured by the Pope that the 1785 marriage was valid, Maria was reconciled to Prinny.

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The next morning, however, she fled for the Continent.

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