Methods of accommodating diversity

Show them that diversity of the workplace can also have a positive impact on profits.Investigate which areas in your business women could be more productive than men. To make this process more efficient develop different evaluation metrics for men and women. Re-arrange these metrics to measure women’s success efficiently.An excellent model of cooperative learning that can be adapted for students with disabilities in the general education setting is Literature Circles (Daniels, 2002b).

Do you know what the career goals of your employees are? The fact is that of the career aspirations of women and men are different.A modified version of the Literature Circles strategy is the "Collaborative Reading Groups," a title that offers an umbrella description of varied implementations of interdependent reading groups rooted in the original spirit of Literature Circles.Collaborative Reading Groups would involve comparable Literature Circles activities in content-area classrooms with significant teacher facilitation and maintenance of the individual roles.(Contains 3 figures.)Descriptors: Behavior Problems, Regular and Special Education Relationship, Learning Strategies, Cooperative Learning, Grade 8, Peer Teaching, Tutoring, Teaching Methods, Reading Instruction, Student Diversity, Student Needs, Student Behavior, Peer Influence, Grouping (Instructional Purposes), Disabilities, Middle School Students, High School Students, Secondary School Curriculum, Inclusive Schools, Content Area Reading, Reading Comprehension Council for Children with Behavioral Disorders.Council for Exceptional Children, 1110 North Glebe Road, Arlington, VA 22201-5704.

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One of the easiest ways to increase workforce diversity during the hiring process is to create a decision making team – for example someone from HR along with a high performing executive.

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