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Or, play your cards right and we might just act as your personal tour guide one day. We've seen more large brown boxes than we've had hot dinners, meaning we're able to move into whatever environment or group of people that comes our way with ease. "Remember that time we went to the same school for longer than two years and grew up together?

No, we're not applying for a visa; we're from this country. Yes, of course we're biased, and no, you're not allowed to state your opinion – regardless of what video games or films you're basing that opinion on.Our accent tends to be a mishmash of the places we've lived.To complicate matters, some of us speak more than one language or even have dual citizenship. We assert that the military branch we're associated with is the best.You'll probably receive a text from us making plans for rather than 7pm. "Meet me at nineteen hundred directly in front of the station after taking exit four" might sound a bit ominous, but it just makes sense to us. We have to resist the urge to use military terminology, something we've grown up with. Speaking of which, the label "military brat" isn't as bad as it sounds.

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