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If yes, proceed with the steps below, if not, you will need to re-schedule this task.Now that your team member has said they’re on track for completion, let’s look at how we update this in this demo schedule: We’re tasked to update this schedule, and looking at the Finish Dates of the task, as of today (10/23/15), Task 1 and 2 should be 100 % Complete and Task 3 as told by the team member is “On Track for completion” To update Task 3, you don’t ever have to ask them for a Percent Complete anymore, rather we’ll let Microsoft Project’s scheduling engine do the calculation for us.Start dates are always estimations of the date a task can start.These dates will need to be revised based on new knowledge during meetings about project progress.This will set a scheduling constraint on the task, because MS Project now thinks the task should “start no earlier than” the manually entered date.There is also a “must start on” option that will completely lock the start date of a task.We use baselines to keep track of officially approved schedules and the delta between these values and the current schedule.

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Status Date in Microsoft Project 2013 is an often overlooked feature and today I would like to share one thing that it’s quite useful, apart from the Earned Value calculations and why you as a Project Manager (PM) or a Scheduler should go make it a habit to always update your Status Date.

For those of you who are new to the interface, you can find it in the ‘Project’ Ribbon and in the ‘Status’ section.

If your organization is only interested in tracking percent completes in your projects, I would like to show you a new way of updating your schedule and avoiding the ever dreaded “What’s the Percent Complete” on your task.

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The date you filled in will also be filled in the column called “constraint date”.

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