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Everyone I know — from people who are deeply involved in covering this political moment to those who are not particularly politically engaged — are having conversations about how to find moments of peace and respite.People saw Trump as “crazy” in part because he was villainous. his administration is actively harming people with mental illness in so many ways, and they’re able to get away with it because we still believe those illnesses are personal failings.But I’m in no position to put anyone on the couch, even if I do find myself thinking about Trump’s mental state. I hate that there is way more discourse about Trump’s mental state than the state of mental health care in this country.

Each essay boldly explores issues like race, resistance, the pitfalls of white feminism, and ableism through the lens of its authors, who hail from varying backgrounds, experiences, and perspectives. How do you think conversations about Trump’s mental health have helped or hindered a larger discourse about mental health?Then he switches to pitch for Grasshopper, a virtual phone system.   I've always admired him; all the while he was doing these wild videos with Dan Lubell.It's interesting to see the reaction to the video, including some claims of sell-out. Randall narrates over footage from National Geographic portraying the most ridiculously fearless animal on earth.   The two of them would just make all these wild videos with friends of theirs and I was off doing my own thing.The essay helped me understand that I don’t necessarily need to feel resolved on how racism exists in feminism, that I’m constantly going to be navigating it, and that’s okay.It taught me that I don’t need to abandon feminism altogether but that I can hold space for my anger and resentment toward corporate, whitewashed feminism while also honoring the queer and POC-centered feminism that enriches my life.

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