Raiden fighters 2 mame not updating

(and for some less popular systems that mentality unfortunately never changed) MESS has stayed further in the other direction, we try to encourage proper use of the systems, which is tricker, especially as many had different keyboard layouts, or required very specific configurations to work.We try to give the power to the user, rather than automate everything, which, when combined with our not always perfect emulation can result in situations where the user isn’t sure how to run something, or if they’re doing the right thing.I also offer a full set of Windows binaries with each one.

It took me a couple of days trying and messing with QMC2 to even get it to launch a mess title. It is also sort of frustrating as to really know if a game works decently you have to open it up and try it. But for some systems it is not entirely clear a particular game will not work.

Seibu seems to make a lot of wonky decisions with regards to their hardware but they don’t seem to be entirely without logic!

Did you know that apparently there might be Raiden Fighters/2/Jet 2000 boards out there with proper YMF271-F sound?

Below is a video of me playing Zero Team 2000 from start to finish.

As mentioned below the protection in NZT / ZT2000 is much weaker than the regular ZT sets, so the emulation is much more trustworthy – the regular game I believe still uses unemulated commands in some places.

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