Ryan reynolds and amy smart dating

Anna Farris steals the show playing the Courtney Lovesque rock star with the most insane antics.

He is asked by his boss to land a contract with one of his ex flings, Samantha James (Anna Farris of Sin City) who is the latest and greatest, wild and crazy new rock artist.

It is just awesome how they can just about kill each other and then pull the ultimate one liner, “love ya man, wanna cookie” and then walk away. I completely expected this movie to be “OK” but it ended up being the funniest movie of the year if not one of the funniest movies I have seen in a decade.

Also pay special attention to the brotherly love and war that both Chris and his brother have.

—Spectacular, mind blowing, moving and inspiring are NOT the words to describe the new comedy “Just Friends.” However, hysterical, side aching, rolling out of my seat romantic comedy is exactly how I would describe the movie. For what it attempts to be, I think “Just Friends” succeeds. But then again, I doubt anyone was expecting “Wuthering Heights”. But if you are out for a good date movie with your wife and you don’t mind some raunch, then this movie is the perfect flick. The movie also has its fair share of bad language, so I would not recommend this for kids at all.

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