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Every year on April 30th (Tom Fulp's birthday) the Portal is filled with submissions based after the Pico characters, which makes up the majority of Pico works today. You can more about him on the Newgrounds Wiki here. I remember spending my time on this game back in Middle School.I would rush home and see if my parents aren't home to go on Newgrounds to play some of the dress-up dolls that they have at the time.Since it was the point when I discovered girls and its one of the only way without paying any money to see girls naked (remember those times before Google Image).[https:// Link to another site] - Link to another site Linking When you mention an album, artist, film, game, label, etc - it's recommended to link to the item the first time you mention it.Doing so will make it easier to search for your post and give it more visibility.I have spent so many hours on that game I am quiet embarrassed to admit that I never seen the end of the game.But being such a fiend on this game I always check back to see any updates which I'll admit it was neat to see a game like that grow.

To this day, I still cringe over dumb shit like that but I've learned to laugh it off because I was just a impressionable youth that took wrong dating advices and I associate this game with those moments of my life.

Then I saw this game on the front page reading as "Hentai~Sim Girl" and the description "Japan's biggest sensation has arrived".

For me being a big weeaboo learned the about hentai through that website and being quiet familiar with dating games through some articles I found at the time.

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Horny young me remembers this game quite surprisingly.

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