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Help is now at hand for anyone wrestling with Reporting Services. In every business there are several different groups of report users, from chief executives, to business analysts, to operational staff, who all need access to reliable and current data in order to track overall business performance, investigate the effectiveness of individual business functions, or simply for ad-hoc day-to-day reporting.

In most organizations, at least some attempt has been made to meet these reporting needs.

Let’s say you schedule your Report Execution snapshot within the Processing Options.

The report runs fine, but you don’t see it within Report History.

The primary purpose for a Report Execution snapshot is usually to improve performance by reducing report rendering time, or to ensure queries are passed to the source database at very specific times.

In the case of report execution snapshots, no visual cue exists to indicate to users that the report is a snapshot.” Let’s say on the Processing Options page you checked the radio button to “render this report from a report snapshot.” Then you scheduled it on the Snapshot Options page. You can even view the report within the Report History just fine.

However, you click on the report name (i.e., the normal way to run a report) you get a message: Why the message? What happened is with the setup just described, a Report History snapshot now exists but no Report Execution snapshots exists.

As you are perusing the options when you “Manage” a report, you will notice there’s two different schedules associated to snapshots.

First, there’s the scheduling options on the “Processing Options” page: Secondly, there’s scheduling options on the “Snapshot Options” page: Initially you might say “huh? The key here is that there’s really two kinds of snapshots…

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If you are familiar with subscriptions in SSRS, these will sound familiar. If you aren’t using a data source with the ID and Password stored (so that data level security is a non-issue when it runs), you’ll get the message “Credentials used to run this report are not stored.” Create a separate shared data source that has a name such as “MCGarden Center DW_Stored Creds” so you know at a glance it’s using a specific ID and Password as opposed to Windows Authentication (assuming Windows auth is your default). Another prerequisite for using snapshots is that all parameters need a default value defined.

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