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While one could easily arrange to simply meet their Tinder date at this little bistro, and leave it at that, there is something alluring about using the passage instead.As you make your way through it you’ll have your pick of a number of other cafes and restaurants that are hidden inside the space.Many people mistake this building for a conventional museum, however it really is more of an experimental space.The building is used to host exhibitions, performances and film screenings through a careful curation of works by the establishment’s management team.Paris is abundant in public spaces in which one can meet up with someone unknown.Being a tourist hub of the world it is actually quite difficult to find spaces entirely void of people and public life.

The Bois du Boulogne and Bois du Vincennes are known as the lunch of Paris as they boarder the far east and far west of the city.There are benches in the space however the grass is lush enough to laze on if you so desire.I learned recently that the presence of food brings a lot of people comfort when engaging in a first meeting with a stranger.What you’ll find happening in the space if you show up blind is never certain — one must check the Palais de Tokyo website prior.Exhibits and events aside, the Palais de Tokyo building is an intricate structure that boasts ample outdoor space where visitors can hang out during the day.

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