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Before you start configuring APN settings, you will need following information from your wireless carrier: APN, username and password.

It may happen that the username and password you your particular wireless service provider is not set and in that case, just leave it blank. T-Mobile: APN= wap.voicestream.com, Username: [blank] , Password: [blank] Rogers: APN=internet.com, Username=wapuser1, Password=wap Check out this list of Black Berry TCP IP APN settings for Black Berry, it may have APN settings for your service provider or contact your wireless service provider to obtain this information.

Your Black Berry 10 smartphone must be turned on and have network connectivity to receive the message.Their design is much sleeker and smaller than their more traditional cousins and they were the first to incorporate a camera.The 8220 takes the general idea behind the original Pearls, adds the convenience of a flip design, and adds a bunch of valuable updates.The device has 128MB of memory, twice that of previous Pearls, and comes with a 256MB micro SD card; however, photographs and especially video are memory hogs so if you use these applications a lot you’ll want to add a larger memory card. The internal display screen measures 2.25” and has 240x320 resolution so the image is bright and sharp.It can display in standard portrait of panorama view.

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Standout Features• Personal Information Manager • Flip design • Documents to Go program • Sure Type QWERTY keyboard Features Black Berry Pearl smartphones have been available for a couple of years.

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