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Trying to break the recovery key results in the immediate destruction of your data.Your uninfected backups of your current data is your only safety net (you'll need to do a complete reinstallation of Windows and software).In this article, we will only talk about the free version only, ie, Zone Alarm Free Antivirus Firewall.To begin with the installation process of this new Zone Alarm Firewall Antivirus, you simply need to open the downloaded the 2MB web installer file and leave the rest to it.— Zone Alarm The freeware security packages make quite an impressive showing in the test, but anyone who wants the highest level of security is required to use one of the commercial packages.The free products tend to concentrate mostly on their pure protection function.It automatically downloads and installs Zone Alarm Antivirus Firewall Free on your computer. The download can be paused and resumed anytime you want.So now coming to the features of this wonderful security software, like any other Antivirus, Zone Alarm also provides you with the Real-Time Protection shields that protect your PC every time, using the popular Kaspersky anti-virus engine.

With this security suite, you also get secure online storage up to 5GB of free online data storage, where you can store your files without any risk of losing them.

— AV-TESTZone Alarm 2019 is only compatible with MS Windows Defender, and is not compatible with any other anti-malware software.

To install Zone Alarm 2019, you must first uninstall other anti-malware software.

Otherwise, you may experience OS stability and computer performance issues.

— Zone Alarm Zone Alarm is only compatible with MS Windows Defender, and is not compatible with any other antimalware software.

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